Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Burt Bacharach & Friends A&M

Burt Bacharach & Friends A&M Cat #SP1907 No Year Listed

Dude was born in Kansas City, MO and writes the songs the world sings.  Pretty big score for KCMO.  Too bad he moved to New York City at a young age.  And in all honesty, it just seems right when you listen to the tunes.  The whole Tin Pan Alley thing, guy should be a New Yorker like the rest of them.

This LP was something I picked up for free.  All his jazz influence, breezy, pop hits.  Further, it showcases the hitmakers this guy was writing for, plus a nod to his true love of Jazz music with the Wes Montgomery selection.  It's hard to hate some of these songs.  They're so absurdly non-confrontational you just kind of want to sit still in a elevator and wait for the doors to open.

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