Sunday, August 24, 2014

Tuffy Williams Tuffy Tuff Stuff Records 1982

Tuffy Williams Tuffy Tuff Stuff Records 1982 TS-1982-6

Some pretty boring private press country going on here.  Looking at the cover, I was hoping for cheeseball. lounge stuff at best.  And, while this does have a plethora of long winded, piano based ballads that could easily grace a lounge album, it's all pretty boring.

Had it been a bunch of covers, I would have passed.  But, Tuffy of Independence, MO, pens most his tracks, of the ten featured tracks, all but two are his own.  With private press stuff, that's what I look for; originals.  You never know what you might come across.  If you got the means and desire to put out a record on your own, there's usually at least one good track.

With this, maybe there is a standout track, but I'm not hearing it.  There is a song about fishing and stuff; it's got a guitar solo, or, there's some good piano runs on the cover of "Bad Moon Rising," maybe those are the money shots, I don't know.  The country is MOR, the ballads you can skip.  To it's benefit, it is far more routed in traditional country that what Nashville was doing in the 1980's.  Tuffy's piano gives slight western swing feel, so it's not a total train wreck.

Honestly, though, the best part about this record is the presentation.  For one, Tuffy named his label, Tuff Stuff Records...How you gonna mess with that?  Second, the home of Tuff Stuff Records is liste at 10917 Winner Road, in Independence.  C'mon, Winner Road?  That's legit.,+Independence,+MO+64052/@39.087675,-94.44869,3a,90y,183h,90t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sC3Dsjk0BKrwXx3Biz18TOQ!2e0!4m2!3m1!1s0x87c0fcdcd1e502cf:0x83b0163449d12591!6m1!1e1

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