Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Chris Connor Sings Lullabys For Lovers Bethlehem 1954

Chris Connor Sings Lullabys For Lovers Bethlehem 1954 CAT# BCP 1002

Love everything about this Bethlehem release from Kansas City's Chris Connor.  The cover shot, the title, the now rarely used 10" format, the misspelling on the title, the album is aesthetically pleasing to me.

There's no complaints about the music.  It's a lo-key affair, but still swings.  Connor's voice was in top form and like all her work, she kept things cool.  You also get an almost restaurant/mood music feel from the use of both an accordion and clarinet throughout the album, but it works here, doesn't fall into the hooky category at all.

She was joined by the Vinnie Burke Quartet on the album, hardly a household name anymore, but a capable band nonetheless.  Oddly, the album doesn't credit production.  Apparently in the 50's all that mattered was the singer and the band.

Kinda digging this guy's vinyl rip to You Tube of the album

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