Sunday, August 24, 2014

Be/Non S/T 7" Turnbuckle 1997

Be/Non S/T 7" Turnbuckle 1997 TB-006

If I'm not mistaken I think this was BE/NON's first legitimate release.  Think they did something small locally, but this was the first backed release.  New York's put out this 7" along with two CD's from Lawrence's BE/NON all before the new millennium.

This early presentation of the band certainly presents a group in tune with Kansas City and Lawrence scene that surrounded them.  There's plenty to compare to the likes of Boy's Life and Shiner.  However, that's likely just to being around town.  The band's real focus was the noise rock coming from the likes of Sonic Youth and Jesus Lizard.  This is a loud and noisy 7".  There's also a clear nod to prog-rock sounds of the 70's, but the only the deep cuts, this is evidenced by the band's absurd song titles.  The 7" features 3 tracks, the impressive "Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversal," the 20 second or so, "Stripping Gears," and the attempt to be spacey and epic within their noisy confines, "Cllaw Use in the Autumn Years of the Twentieth Century."

Either way, solid local 7".  The early CDs aren't half bad if you're into digital.

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