Monday, August 25, 2014

The Leopards Magic Still Exists Voxx Records 1987

The Leopards Magic Still Exists Voxx Records 1987 CAT# VOXX 200.048

Would have bought this regardless of local connections, I mean look at it?  It looks amazing, like the best the 80's garage and psych revival scene had to offer.

The Leopards were formed in Kansas City, Kansas in the late-70's.  They released an obscure album and a handfull of 45s for their own label, Moon records.  In the 1980's, the band tried their luck and moved to Los Angeles, based on the strength of the debut, Kansas City Slickers, along with a demo tape, Voxx, an imprint of the legendary Bomp Records, agreed to fund an album.

Overall pretty hip, getting out to LA, getting an album on a garage focused indie label.  The music, though, nothing to do with psych or garage as the cover would have you believe.  Straight power pop and heavily focused on the Kinks.  The album has been called the best Kink's album of the 80's, which is fairly accurate.

There are some true gems on the album, the highly Kinks-ified "Pyschedelic Boy," which not only pokes fun at LA's Paisley Underground scene, but was featured as an opener Rodney Bingenheimer's rave up on KROQ.  The opener, "Block Party," definitely has a KC nod with mentions of spicy BBQ and Midwest living.  There are numerous others, especially considering the album contains 14 songs.  Which is kind of the downfall to the album.  Short, 2 1/2 minute pop tracks are great, but, after awhile, things get lost.  Definitely some filler to found here.

Due to the popularity of the Bomp! label, this album has seen reprints.  You can still find a colored copy on the interweb.  If you're into power pop and don't already have this, definitely worth a few spins and a few bucks.

Psychedelic Boy (SO Kinks-y)
A well-masked Kinks lift, Dusty Treasures
Block Party

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