Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Radkey Feed My Brain Little Man Records 2014

Radkey Feed My Brain Little Man Records 2014 CAT# LMR04

Radkey continues to develop and you can hear it on this super cheap 7".  I got it from the Love Garden for the basement price of $3.  That price is pretty punk rock, the music though, that's going the way of metal.

The closest the two songs featured here, "Feed My Brain" and "Digging the Grave", come to punk is a comparison to the Danzig fronted Misfits.  "Feed My Brain", is dark and bombastic, it employs all sorts of sonic metal tricks, a driving rhythm, screamed chorus, and just a killer guitar riff that drives the song.  The B-Side, "Digging the Grave" is admittedly punk rock.  It's got sweet moves and is reminiscent of the late-70's scene, when punk band had talent, but were labeled as such because they couldn't be classified elsewhere.

Kids are smart, too.  This is a well put togther 7" is on their own Little Man Records.  For one, there's no point in getting an actual label, they can keep the price down on this by doing it themselves and likely recover more.  Further the presentation is clever.  "Feed My Brain" centers around an education theme and on the inside of the sleeve is chalkboard repetition of the title.  But, favorite part is use of the old standardized testing multiple choice fill-in sheets as the label on the 7".  Nice touch.

Feed My Brain in Glasgow

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