Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Boos Brothers Not Since I Found You Quantum Records 1976

The Boos Brothers Not Since I Found You Quantum Records 1976 CAT #LRS05002A

This is pretty awful.  The Boos Brothers are four Kansas City brothers and "their superb drummer, Paul Walter," (the blond kid on the cover).  It's amateur hour and when they take on a Don Boos original; oh, fuck!  Talk about some sappy, teenage, crap.  Judging by the cover, Don Boos is the oldest of the brothers and he had to be penning these tunes to get laid in high school.  I mean this is 1976 and he's crooning in an off key voice like a lounge version of Paul Anka (they cover his tune, "My Way").  It's like the kid only had his parents easy listening albums to draw inspiration from (I mean they do a "Glenn Miller Medley", really, what teenager was into Glenn Miller, ever?).  Either way, I hope his sad bastard music got him the girl, maybe they got married, the album would totally be worth it if that were the case.

When the Boos take on some covers, there are some inspired, but terribly off-key moments.  I can only

assume the reason for the amateur style of play is because the kids were doing it themselves.  The cover would make you think vocal act, but the backing musicians are so terrible, the only explanation is that the organ, guitar, and bass are being played by the Boos (and their superb drummer, Paul Walter).  The first song, a cover of "I Can Sing/I Can Dance," has this moment when they kick the keyboard setting from organ to space age laser sounds and it just goes off.  There's no way any hired hand, wedding band player, came up with that moment of pure insanity, that's just a kid thinking he struck gold (and in a way, he did, it's the best moment of the album).

Blog Post featuring another take and some tracks, read the blog, it's great.

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