Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Ararats Do You Rember? The Big Band Sound Centennial Records 1975(?)

The Ararats Do You Rember?  The Big Band Sound Centennial Records 1975(?) CAT#1778

I'm not sure how many Ararats records were put out, but I think there's more than a few...or at least a lot of Shriner jazz available at local thrift shops.  I see this record (or ones that look very similar) all the time at thrift.  I never buy them, I'm not a Freemason or Shriner so no connection there.  Furthermore, I don't have time for amateur hour white guy jazz, especially by guys who drive around in tiny cars at parades.  I happened upon this LP because it was in a bulk purchase I made, kept it because it's local.

Besides being an all white jazz act, the other thing that I don't like about the release is that the dude's were Freemasons and Shriners.  I'm not against their organization or anything, sounds like a cool club.  I met a Shriner once, he told me all about his boy's club, how you have to be a Freemason first and get to some degree of Freemasonry before you get to be a Shriner, but, the thing that caught my attention was he told me at the KC Shriner facility they have a bar that serves $2 beers...all the time.  That's pretty cool, I'd be down with that club...granted, you'd be drinking with old fat bellies (no girls allowed in the all boy's club), but great deal all the same.  But, yeah, the other thing that bothers me is that they are Freemasons and I can't find any hidden symbols on the sleeve or the record.  No prophecies of end times, plots, or maps to hidden treasure...nothing.  I mean, I thought this organization had a hidden agenda to control the world.  Yet, the cover shows some old dudes playing restaurant-style big band jazz.  Sure enough, that's all they do, standards of big band dance tunes, toned down not to swing too much...there's some vocal numbers, too.  Lame.

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