Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Anniversary Cassandra L. '76-'77 EP Good Guys & Bad Buddies Records 2000

The Anniversary Cassandra L. '76-'77 EP Good Guys & Bad Buddies Records 2000 CAT# 001

This is a little 7" The Anniversary put out to sell on their 2000 tour.  The first track, "All Right For Now" was the tune on the Paper Brigade split they did with Proudentall.  The other two tracks, "Hold Me Tonight" and "Low Tide and Hospital Bed" were recorded along with with "All Right" in Chicago in 1997.  The band printed up (like, copy machine printed up) 5 different cover variations and noted to fans, "collect all five."  Truthfully, I think the EP is actually self-titled, but my cover reads Cassandra L '76-'77, so I'm going with that. The run on these had to be limited, this copy is stamped #0380, so likely a batch limited to a 1000.  Not sure why they wanted to release stuff they did in 1997 for a 2000 tour, but it may have been a quick release because they were without copies of the album Designing a Nervous Breakdown at the beginning of the tour.

It's a cool little EP that offers a good insight into the band in their early days.  The song, "All Right for Now" is great and has been discussed on the Proudentall split.  The B Side is sophomoric but endearing, "Hold Me Tight," is a bit schizophrenic with it's slow jam vibe and Moog-tacular intro before ripping into some jock-tastic guitar rock.  "Low Tide and Hospital Bed" has some string effects and gets a bit muddy with everything it's trying to do, but it's held together by Adrianne Verhoeven, because she always the best part of the early version of this band.

Hold Me Tonight

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