Sunday, April 6, 2014

Missouri Woodland Signing Our Lives Away Private 1978

Missouri Woodland Signing Our Lives Away Private 1978 NO CAT#

Missouri Woodland was the duo of Royal Scanlon and Gary Paredes who formed in Kansas City.  Royal Scanlon states on the band's Facebook page, he left KC in the 70's to be a Chicago folkie, upon his return to KC he met Paul Martinson and the duo was born.

The tunes featured on their sole album aren't half bad.  People throw the LP up on eBay as "rural folk", but it's a bit too pop oriented for that.  It certainly has a folk appeal and doesn't lack a country twang, but it's pretty pop orientated.  If you start thinking Brewer & Shipley, you wouldn't be far off.

The two are talented players and the album is extremely polished and well down.  They attempt some Doobie-esque laid back white-boy funk on the tune "Chi-Tune Blues."  Also features a solid country tear jerker in the tune, "Faded Love."  But, most the album is filled with sentimental ballads with great harmonies, some nifty finger playing, and 12 string guitar.  Also nifty, this LP is completely private press.  The band didn't even attempt a label front, just threw it out there and hoped for the best.

Researching the band, apparently the duo still get together and do sets...and not just your standard open mic night at a bar and grill, they play around town at legitimate venues.

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