Thursday, April 10, 2014

Riverrock Still Live & Pickin' Rockin' W Records 1977

Riverrock Still Live & Pickin' Rockin' W Records 1977 RW4503

This is a live LP recorded live at Putsch's Strawberry Patch in 1977.  I'm not too clear what type of venue the Strawberry Patch was, but it appears in the late-70's there was somewhat of a country/bluegrass scene centered around this venue.  I'd like to know more, the name was trademarked and there's references to a restaurant called Mr. Putsch's that artists appeared at along with the Strawberry Patch which appears to be a proper venue.

The band plays through most of the tunes at break-neck speed, obviously feeding off some sort of energy from the crowd.  However, it couldn't have been that rowdy at the Strawberry Patch, this is still Kansas City, so even their attempt at speeding up Hank Willaims' "I Saw the Light" can't touch anything you'd call honky-tonk or rockabilly.  

Overall, Riverrock stays true to bluegrass.  When they go straight country, they do so by ruining Willie Nelson's "Gotta Get Drunk," but, props for digging deep on an early Nelson track.  The live recording doesn't make them any better or more exciting as a band.  Compared to their debut LP, it's a bit of let down.  The first time I heard the debut I was pleasantly surprised.  The first time listening to Still Live & Pickin' is a shrug of the shoulders, it's what you'd expect from a regional country/bluegrass LP.  Lots of covers, some goofy originals, nothing amazing.

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