Sunday, December 22, 2013

Yard Apes Weatherman B/W White As a Ghost Y-Tel 1985

Yard Apes Weatherman B/W White as a Ghost Y-Tel 1985 CAT#

I don't know a whole lot about the Yard Apes other than they were a Lawrence band, playing gigs with the likes of Get Smart!, Micronotz, and the Embos.  There is some connection to the Fresh Sounds label outside of their appearance on the Sounds From Middle America comps as the sleeve of this release is marked up with the Fresh Sounds logo on the inside.  However, from my understanding, the group self issued this and another single on their own, Y-Tel label.  Another thing I thought I heard about the group is like Get Smart!, they moved to Chicago to try their luck their, can't really confirm that, but I thought I picked that up somewhere.

They are a fairly cool group, limited catalog, but these two tracks were promising.  "Weatherman" draws heavily from British post punk and new wave.  Very dance-able rhythms, sharp angular guitars, and speak-sing lyrics.  This side plays in 33 1/3 RPM, the flip-side, "White As a Ghost" plays in 45 RPM.  "White As a Ghost" is far more new-wave friendly.  Chanted chorus, stylized vocals, very slick.  It's still got choppy, angular guitars, but it's pop sensibilities outshine any attempt to be ultra-hip.

It's cool stuff, I'm sure someone out there knows more about the group than me, feel free to drop a line and fill me in.

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