Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Get Up Kids/Rocket From the Crypt Split 7" Heroes & Villains/Vagrant 2000

The Get Up Kids/Rocket From the Crypt Split 7" Heroes & Villains/Vagrant 2000 Cat # VR351, HV 009

This band cracked Billboard charts as an independent recording artist from Kansas City.  They toured with big timers like Weezer and Green Day.  But, what I find the coolest, they did a release with Rocket From the Crypt.  To me, Rocket From the Crypt represents the last great Rock N' Roll band.  The last band that you could play loud and piss off your parents with.  They used nicknames, had a horn section, didn't hide behind punk agendas and alternative fashions, they just played fast and loud.  But, they're not from Kansas City, so it's probably best to stop there.

The song featured here, "Up on the Roof", was recorded on the road in Hollywood, CA.  The band utilized their sound guy and local legend, Alex Brahl, to produce the track.  It's a decent track, considering that they were splitting the time with Rocket From the Crypt, you would have thought they would opt for something a bit more up tempo.  But, in 2000, it represents the first steps the Get Up Kids took in trying to get away from themselves and the Emo Pop genre they unintentionally spawned with the release of 'Something to Write Home About'.  Albeit the song is bit sappy, it does feature a more organic sound that would find it's way onto the 'On A Wire' album.  Dewees' keyboards are set on piano rather than synth, they dump all the pick slides and woo-hooing for a subtle groove centered around the Pope brothers.  The lyrics also feel heavier and more adult than previous work.  Decent track, but still, they were following Rocket From the Crypt, the pick slides and woo-hooing probably would have been fine.

Up on the Roof

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