Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Reflector Blue Skies/On the Table Paper Brigade 1999

Reflector Blue Skies/On the Table Paper Brigade 1999 CAT #PBR 003

"Blue Skies" is the best song this band did.  It played so well to the band's attributes.  Singer and guitarist, Jared Scholz has such a great voice.  He spent a lot of time in this band using it to scream, but when he actually sang, it came across so clear and distinct.  It's sounds innocent and truthful, you believe everything Scholz said when he sung it.  He intros the tune with that voice, just the faint words "Blue skies" with no accompaniment and he starts into his guitar.  The band also loved to bash around and really wanted to capture the 90's post-hardcore Kansas City sound, they did it best here.  Nothing too complex for their own good, just a solid drum bashing event which Jake Cardwell excelled at.  All bassist Harry Anderson had to do was find his place.  Of course, it didn't hurt that it was recorded by two members of Shiner, Paul Malinowski and Joel Hamilton.

Also recorded by the Shiner guys, the B-Side "On the Table" is solid as well.  I remember the guys in this band used to love the band, Kararte.  This is the first you hear a more subdued indie rock sound from this Reflector.  It's not a clear nod to bands like Karate, but you recognize the growth in the band.  It's really just in the intro, they quickly go back to start-stop dynamics, all systems go.  The only reason the tune isn't equal to "Blue Skies" is Scholz's voice crackles the quieter he gets.  Can't tell if he just couldn't handle the tune or if it was left in intentionally as it does create an effect making the song feel vulnerable for a brief moment until they tear off your face KC 90's style.

Blue Skies

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