Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Brothers Heritage Sin-The-Tic RMS Records 1979

Brothers Heritage Sin-The-Tic RMS Records 1979 CAT# R33079

I love this type of thing for the rarity, obscurity and weirdness.  This is a private press release from some jazz nerds in Kansas City.  I stress the words nerd not just in the jazz sense, but they sing about some pretty absurd stuff.  If I had to classify this release, Jazz Fusion is a good term, Cosmic Disco/Boogie is better.  The disco elements brings a lot of synth and a ton of funk inspired moments throughout the grooves and some huge drum breaks.  There's also a lot of pop/rock influence, definitely on the art rock  side of things, whichever player is channeling that vibe is obviously a huge Queen fan.  Most tracks feature vocals and not much can be said for the singing, but that's where most the weirdness comes into play.  They use abstract harmonies and have some bizarre lyrics.

The record itself has some collector's appeal based on the jazz-funk aspect.  The initial on-line discovery saw the album selling for over $100 to collectors.  Since then the price has tapered down drastically and you can now score a copy between $20 to $40.  The folks that initially drove the value of the album up were beat jockies and sample junkies.  Hip-Hop enthusiasts looking for drum breaks and un-sampled sounds.  Once they get the stuff out there, the value went down.  It makes sense for the album.  It's inspired music with amazing ideas throughout (and again, killer drum breaks), but as far as putting together one great track, the brothers couldn't do it.  Too many ideas crammed into single tracks.  The LP was produced by one of the members and you get the sense a producer would've have focused the band on a single groove.  Some of the tracks contain sudden and abrupt changes that could have just easily been several different songs entirely.

Unfortunately, I can't find much info on these dudes.  The LP lists Kansas City as home base and notes it was recorded at Sound Recorders Studio in K.C., but for all I know, that could be the home of one of the players.  Features three brothers, Dennis, Phil, and Kevin Rogers along with a host of other players.  Dennis Rogers handles most the drum work and is fantastic.  Kevin Rogers handles guitars and Phil does a lot of synth work.  The album was engineered by Kansas Citian, Ron Ubel, who did a lot work locally and nationally as a sound engineer.

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