Monday, February 3, 2014

Get Up Kids Simple Science SimplePsyence Recordings/CR Japan 2010

Get Up Kids Simple Science SimplePsyence Recordings/CR Japan 2010 CAT #

Because I was late on the Get Up Kids reunion, I had to beg for one of these and this is a Japanese press that was limited to 500, my copy came on green vinyl.  Very glad I did swallow my pride and beg for it, though.  As stated previously, the 4 songs here are the reason I gave the full length There Are Rules another chance.

The four tunes are solid.  Despite that the looped spoken word William Burroughs intro makes me want to puke every time I hear it, "Your Petty Pretty Things" is a solid tune.  Feels dark and hurtful, like the guys were sick of their image (they probably were).  "Keith Case" was previously talked about as it appears on the There Are Rules album.  The flip side is "Tommy Gentle" and "How You're Bound".  They're both solid pop tunes.  I'm willing to call "Tommy Gentle" vintage Get Up Kids even, similar feel to the tunes found on Something to Write Home About.  "How You're Bound" is sparse, feels like it'll break and it almost does when they drop a chunky moog riff on top of programmed beats and atmospheric sounds.

As a whole, the release is a little schizophrenic, but it shows the band were still great songwriters.  I'm glad I started spinning it as a quick fix, because it led me to a solid album in There Are Rules.

How You're Bound
Acoustic Your Petty Pretty Things

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