Sunday, November 24, 2013

Vitreous Humor S/T 7" Geerhed Records 1993

Vitreous Humor S/T 7" Geerhed Records 1993 No CAT#

Well, this may be the last I bring up Jeff Matlow.  However, I can't make promises, despite not being a Kansan or Kansas Citian, the guy did a ton for local scene with his record label.  His first label, Geerhed Records, was a joint effort between himself and a friend, soon after this release, the friend would bow out and Jeff Matlow would rename the label, Crank!  As such, this 7" is the inaugural Crank! release and the first from Vitreous Humor.

It came out in 1993, I wasn't anywhere near cool enough to know that a hip, underground scene was brewing in Lawrence, KS and Kansas City.  I couldn't even drive in 1993.  Wouldn't be for another year or two until I started getting in tune with this stuff.

Truth be told, I'm not even sure Vitreous Humor knew they were hip yet, either.  They sound young on this release.  Further, when Matlow discovered them he initially wanted sign them to a major label.  The songs, "Harbor" and "Stay Tuned for the Holidays" actually sound a bit more controlled than the band's later efforts.  Kind of grungy, Danny Pound sounds likes he's trying to sound professional, the guitars get some twang and don't stray too far off, it's all kind of boring.  And while, "Bu-dah" is a silly throw away, its far more representative of what the band would become.  The other tracks sound like major label try out material.


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