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The Get Up Kids Eudora Vagrant/Heroes & Villains 2001

The Get Up Kids Eudora Vagrant/Heroes & Villains 2001 CAT #VR357/HV010

For those not local, the album's namesake is an actual Kansas town that lies between Kansas City and Lawrence, Kansas.  It's where Red House Recording studios is located.  During the peak of the Get Up Kids popularity, the band purchased the local studio and turned it into one of the finest studios in the Midwest.  They saved it, proving once again to all naysayers, they always supported their local community and scene.

Personally, I love the compilation, can't say the same for Eudora the town as it's boring and nothing spectacular.  There is the old tale about how a Shawnee Indian named Pelathe attempted to warn Lawrence, Kansas about the infamous 1863 attack on Lawrence by Quantrill and his Raiders.  The legend goes that Pelathe overheard of the attack in Kansas City, Missouri the day before.  Quantrill was in route to Lawrence, so Pelathe would need to arrive in Lawrence before dawn.  He mounted the fastest horse he could find and began the ride.  Nearing Lawrence, the horse had run hard and by most estimates near 40 miles, the horse was staggering.  Pelathe allowed the horse to catch his breath, but knowing he could save innocent lives, he cut the horse in the leg and emptied gunpowder into the wound in attempts to spur the horse further.  The horse was able to make it a few more miles, but collapsed shortly after.  People from Eudora will tell you that Pelathe's horse died in their town.  Of course, every neighboring town to Lawrence lays the same claim.

So yeah, good story, but back to the comp.  I love these types of rarities collections, all the hard to find 7"s and one off comp appearances are presented and while not a retrospective of a band, you hear what the band actually sounded like.  The band's not so shining moments, the cover songs, and the moments of brilliance.  The proper albums by bands are generally a focused effort to impress you, these types of releases are just a collection of songs detailing a career.

I remember when the original stuff came out.  When Ryan Pope told me they were covering "Beer for Breakfast" by the Replacements I literally yelled at him and asked, "What the hell is wrong with you guys?  That song was a Replacements throw away that just showed up on stupid Best Of comps to make you giggle, why didn't you cover something good?"  The Pixies cover of  "Alec Eiffel" they did and played for days straight.  When they said they were covering a shitty Motley Crue song, I rolled my eyes, but still enjoyed the cover.  Then there's the stuff I missed; the amazingly good Cure cover and the horrible rendition of "Suffragette City" by Bowie.

The band has always been just some guys from the Kansas City area.  They weren't elitists, they were literally just some kids that discovered Fugazi, Superchunk, and Pavement in high school and made a band of it.  This collection showcases that aspect of their career and sound.

Alec Eiffel
Newfound Mass (2000)
Close to Me

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