Saturday, November 30, 2013

Micronotz Smash! Fresh Sounds Inc. 1983

Micronotz Smash! Fresh Sounds Inc. 1983 CAT# FS 206

One year after the band debuted as the Mortal Micronotz, they became simply, the Micronotz.  At this point, band featured the same line up, just a change in name.  They were still Lawrence teens, still hanging out with William Burroughs (pictured with the band on the lyric sheet), and still bored about being teenagers.

The speed through 8 songs on this release, they are a tad bit more seasoned, but still keep it juvenile and give a nod to Iggy Pop by covering "I Got A Right."  They are a punk band, but there's pop sensibilities buried in all the charging guitars and strained vocals.  Just too young to slow down at this point, no teenager wants to slow down, so it's full throttle the whole way through.  It never sounds forced, perhaps a pop song would have, but I would have loved to hear them give it a try.

Still, you get some great punk tunes.  Stand out punk in terms of the early 80's since by this point, punk had lost touch with actual "music" by going hardcore.  And, while I wouldn't call Dean Lubensky's vocals good, when compared to the scream alongs that flanked them on every side, he's a bit more emotive and well, actually sings.  The first track, "Procrastination," is where you can hear a pop song dying to get out, instead, it would have fit in fine with the SST crowd.  "Feels Like" is a super charged attack on boredom.  They take Iggy Pop's "I Got a Right" and make it a teenage garage raver.  Time should find this band gaining more street cred, in terms of 80's punk, there's really fast or really bad and most had an agenda, there weren't enough teenage rockers like the Micronotz out there keeping it raw and punk by default.

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