Saturday, November 9, 2013

Lazy Obsession Moniker Records 2013

Lazy Obsession Moniker Records 2013 (CD released previous year) CAT #MNKK-015

Yeah, first, I'm not hip anymore and can't keep up with the new sounds in KC and Lawrence.  However, there's a guy I bumped into on the internet via Instagram that is.  He runs the blog Riot on the Plaza , doesn't write in it much anymore, but he should, he's far more up to date on newer artists than me.  You'd think I'd have met the guy locally at shows and such, but again, I'm not hip, my belly is getting fat, and my kids tire me out.  Check out his site and tell him to write more, there's a ton of stuff coming out lately and I need a good filter.

So, Lazy is cool.  KC finally has a No Wave band.  Well, I wouldn't go that far, but I'll say No Wave without the jazz influences.  They switch between guy and girl vocals and you definitely hear a Brian Eno infliction in singer Brock Potuck's delivery.  The band is also chaotic and jumpy, taking a heavy bottom and sending squalling guitars and vocals over the top.  Those two aspects lead me to the No Wave comparison.  But, I'm a pretentious old hipster and hear Sonic Youth in everything new, so take that for what's it worth.  The band is also very much on the punk rock side of things.  I can't really pigeonhole them to that genre either, though.  Too smart.  Although, they certainly have a lo-fi aesthetic and charm.

Overall, there are several great tunes here.  It plays fast at 45 RPM on 12" wax, so props for looking out for the audiophiles out there.  Based on the new locals I'm picking up here and there, part of me wishes I still had the energy to get out there to clubs and check things out more often.

Party City
Childhood Wonder (seriously, sounds like Eno singing early Poster Children, anybody with me on that?)

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