Sunday, September 15, 2013

Vitreous Humor My Midget B/W New Victoria 7" Theater Mute America 1996

Vitreous Humor My Midget B/W New Victoria  Theater Mute America 1996 CAT#7006-7

Solid 7" from Lawrence, KS' Vitreous Humor.  Odd, this one is a bit tougher to track down than the stuff on Crank!, you'd think Mute would've been the more widely distributed, but who knows.

Regardless, the 7" represents sonic growth in the band.  The initial releases we're kids obsessed with the indie rock coming out of North Carolina in the 90's.  This adds elements of KC style post hardcore and definitely finds the band gleaming the emo sound from their label mates at Crank!.  My Midget spins for two minutes, building and building until Danny Pound decides to throw in some lyrics.

"New Victoria Theater" only appeared on this release.  It's a solid tune so it raises the question, why wasn't it contained on the Post Humous CD release?

My Midget

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