Friday, September 27, 2013

Shooting Star III Wishes Virgin/Epic 1982

 Shooting Star III Wishes Virgin/Epic 1982 CAT #FE 38020

Shooting Star is a fairly successful Kansas City band that played the AOR/Studio Rock card in the late 70's into the early 80's.  They are a footnote in music history for being the first American band signed to Virgin Records.  The bios state they formed in Kansas City, MO.  However, the founding members were Shawnee Mission South Alum, so their roots are in Kansas.

Apparently, this isn't the place to start with this band.  Which in a way is good, because it's awful.  It's just MOR studio rock.  I've read that this album was desperate attempt to have a hit album and they drew influence from the likes of Journey, Loverboy, and probably Toto.  I guess prior to this LP, they were closer to Foreigner rock than Journey?  I don't know, shit all sounds the same to me.  It's still a little too heavy to be yacht rock, but moments aren't far off.

The first song isn't much different than what would later be accepted as heavy metal with the likes of Poison, Bon Jovi, Warrant, etc.  It's a shame they didn't grow out there hair until 1987 and just play to that crowd, they had the skills to do that.  However, they quit that good time hard rock sound almost immediately on this album in favor of slow tempo ballads and soft rock meant to appeal to high school age girls.

It's all pretty trite.  Due to their success locally and the fact that their Alma Mater is literally a block from my house, it's pretty easy to find their LPS for a dollar, I'm hoping their earlier releases are far more enjoyable.

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