Monday, September 23, 2013

BE/NON Moi Ou Toi B/W Not Tonight Curve Groove 2011

BE/NON Moi Ou Toi B/W Not Tonight Curve Groove 2011 CAT # CG-001

I'm not a huge BE/NON fan, but both things I have came to me brand new and incredibly cheap.  This was put out by a recently out of business record store in Gladstone, MO called Earwaxx Records and More. It was a solid store, I loved it.  The owner was generally behind the shelf and gave great deals on trade.  He also put out VG - stuff and sold it to you at a super fair price.  I love getting nice, playable, copies of stuff and paying less because the cover has some issues.

Anyway, from what I understand, the owner of Earwaxx purchased a large collection of LPS for $6000.00.  He immediatly sold some high end items off and recouped his investment plus.  Opened Earwaxx and gave great deals, apparently made a good business out of it, and even attempted a record label.  For whatever reason, he closed shop.  I asked in the last days, he really didn't say anything other than it was a solid money maker for him, he just had other problems that needed to be dealt with.

His label only released 100 of these.  This is copy 64 out of 100 and it's on gold wax, I'm assuming all the rest were gold as well.  It's more of Brodie Rush's experimental psych rock.  The first side, 'Mon Ou Toi,' is a bit of a drag.  Repetitive synth rock with tribal beats.  Reminds me of the first Fun Boy Three album (who people don't give a chance due to it's 80's looks), but a little angrier.  That, or it sounds surprisingly like Rex Manning's chorus to 'Say No More Mon Amour!' from the movie Empire Records, which isn't anything you want to sound like...maybe it's just the similarity in phrasing, but seriously, I really hear that.

However, 'Not Tonight' is fucking brilliant.  Newbies are going to hear the Elephant 6 collective in it, but it's heavily rooted in 60's psych complete with a chiming 12 string guitar.  Great sounds, it's centered around a simple drum loop and the band just keeps adding to it.  Vocal effects come in, more stuff added.  It's really a great track.  Makes up for 'Moi Ou Toi' by leaps and bounds.

BE/NON Live at Earwaxx-Not Tonight

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