Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Chris Connor I Miss You So Atlantic 1956

Chris Connor I Miss You So Atlantic 1956 Cat #8014

I'm a sucker for vocal jazz or what has become known as Torch Jazz.  Good news about that, I've been picking stuff up at thrift stores for a dollar.  Also good news, if they turn out to suck, they're usually worth more than you think, there's quite a scene for this stuff.

Mind you, I'm not an expert on it and in all actuality, I picked this particular LP not knowing what it was but, was intrigued by an all black Atlantic label.  Put it on, said "fuck, yes, I love this stuff."  Then I did some research.  To my surprise I discovered Chris Connor was a native of Kansas City and attended the University of Missouri to study music.  She would leave KC in 47 to achieve fame in New York.  In the early 50's, she caught on with Stan Kenton (born in Wichita) and worked as a vocalist with him.  That association and a hit sinlge led her to her first solo debut in 1953.

This isn't the most sought after LP of hers and for good reason.  It is vocal jazz, but it lacks any sort of punch, a very pop-orientated effort.  However, you do understand why Connor was able to sustain her career well into the 1970's.  Great voice and not over the top with it like other female singers of the time.  Cool jazz style, very much a female version of Chet Baker.  She restrained herself and doesn't go into absurd fits that are over the top with emotion.

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