Monday, July 8, 2013

University of Kansas Band I'm A Jayhawk Audio House 1969

University of Kansas Band "I'm A Jayhawk" Audio House 1969 (?) CAT# AHS5470

Pretty much exactly what it says, KU Band doing some songs with the addition of the KU choir.  People around here try and get at least $20 out of this (or the Mizzou or K-State counterparts), but you can find it relatively cheap.  I'm sure if you found it out of state, the right person might give it to you free.

It's fun and all, but it's band music.  The KU Band does the fight song, some other stuff, throws in Home on the Range for state pride, but I wouldn't recommend it for the tunes.

It is cool for the label.  The Audio House label was a local label out of Lawrence, KS.  Founded in 1963, they used to exclusively release stuff like this.  You can find a bunch of high school choir albums around town.  Coincidentally, they also recorded the Count Basie KC Jazz LP I last talked about.  Now-a-days, they provide lightening and stuff for events.  I think the recording days to the extent they used to do this are long gone, but they'll still put you on CD if you are so inclined.

Audio House

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