Monday, July 8, 2013

The Embarrassment Death Travels West Fresh Sound, Inc 1981

The Embarrassment Death Travels West Fresh Sounds, Inc 1981 CAT # FS 204

For every decade, Kansas seems to have the "best band you've never heard" and for the 80's it's the The Embarrassment or the Embos as fans affectionately refer to them.

From Wichita, Kansas, the band dubbed itself "Blister Pop" and are contemporaries to the likes of other American indies like the Feelies, R.E.M., Pylon, etc.  In the underground circles they're usually regarded as better.  I mean, they had the nerdy Feelies look, they had the R.E.M. jangle and wit, it's astounding this band never made past left of the dial.

This particular LP or EP (depending on your point of view) is a seven song set with a loose concept tied to Manifest Destiny or how things inevitably get worse the further west you go.  If you haven't heard the band, this is as good place to start as any.  Although, everything the band did is phenomenal.

Drive Me to the Park
Hip And Well Read

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