Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dave English Softly Speaking Infinity, Inc

Dave English Softly Speaking Infinity, Inc [Year Unknown] CAT # NR5642

I photoed the back cover to emphasize a few things.  1) It's a heavy set kid in overalls and 2) It's all covers.  Which begs the question, if this kid can't pen his own tunes, why is there an LP?  Surely, he must make these songs his own.  This must be some lost, great Kansas musician that no one gave a shot based on looks.  It must be incredible.

Sadly, no.  It's awful.  The big guy sings in a romantic baritone.  The surrounding musical accompaniment is classically arranged and boring.  It's not challenging, it's not even good for what it is.  It's just bad.

It is a private pressing form Topeka, Kansas, though.  There's no year listed, but I'm going to guess mid to late 70's.  It may be early 80's, but the sepia toned back cover just screams 70's.

The best part about the LP was the conversation a friend and I had about it after sending him the photos.  His immediate response was, "That looks awful."  To which I replied, "It's from Topeka, everyone I know from Topeka is rad," since my friend is a Topeka native.  I then went on to make the bold statement that all artists that wear overalls kick ass.  Woody Guthrie, Boyz to Men, Dexy's Midnight Runners, TLC (Left Eye), and Kris Kross are all awesome.  He quickly sent me a photo of Justin Beiber in overalls and said, "Unless you can find a photo of John Coltrane in overalls, this is over."  I sent him a photo of Miles Davis wearing overalls and mentioned, Coltrane was born and raised in North Carolina, chances are, he wore overalls before he flashed kick ass black suits with no ties.  Ultimately though, Dave English proved to be an exception like Beiber.  Not all artists who perform in overalls are amazing, some are just boring and not worthwhile.

*Afterthought - The kid does have a nice voice that would do well on shows like America's Got Talent and American Idol.  And, the cover of "Everything I Own" is pleasant and has some baroque styling.

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