Monday, July 15, 2013

Brewer & Shipley Shake Off the Demon Karma Sutra 1971

Brewer & Shipley Shake Off the Demon Karma Sutra 1971 CAT# KSBS 2039

A friend of mine and I were talking and he brought up "Yacht Rock", which is basically a term to describe music similar to Loggins & Messina.  Smooth rock, pop oriented, and usually crappy.  So, that got me thinking, does Kansas or Kansas City have any Yacht Rockers?  The best I could come up with is Brewer and Shipley.  Famous for the song, "One Toke Over the Line."

These handsome devils aren't really from Kansas or Kansas City.  One is from Ohio the other is an Okie.  However, after their debut LP, they located to Kansas City, Missouri.  In doing so, they are HUGE, in this area.  Classic rock stations play "One Toke Over the Line" in heavy rotation.  Furthermore, they truly did call KC their home, so props to them, it's a nice town and central.

As for this LP and the band in general, it's a little too folk oriented to be true yacht rock, but it's the closest I could come.  The music definitely has a Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young feel (it's not nearly as good), doesn't ever try to rock too hard and doesn't ever try to be too country, just kind of walks in the middle with folk leanings.

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