Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Wizards From Kansas S/T Mercury 1970 (OG)

The Wizards From Kansas S/T Mercury 1970 (OG) CAT #SR61309

Previously discussed this here, but that copy is a cheap bootleg you can buy for $12 on eBay.

This copy isn't a bootleg, it's original. I never thought I'd see an original, let alone for the basement price of 49 cents at a local Vintage Stock. I could get into the ethics...maybe I should of told Vintage Stock about the album's value, but if they sold it for 49 cents, that means they gave someone even less to bring it into their store. So, if I should feel bad for anyone, it's the guy or girl who sold it to Vintage Stock.

Either way, I'm fine. I'm going to keep and cherish this LP. Sounds ten times better than the crummy bootleg and it's never leaving my collection.

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