Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Mouthbreathers Anxiety B/W The Creeper In the Red 2010

Mouthbreathers Anxiety B/W The Creeper In the Red 2010 CAT #ITR215

Previously, I discussed this Lawrence, Kansas' 7" record that was put out on Replay Records (here). I dug that record a lot, but seeing how I was discussing multiple releases all at once, kind of glossed over the band. However, when I saw this 7" on the cheap, I snagged it and have been sitting on it for year.

Had I known how this record came to be, I would've wrote about much earlier. The story is told in all it's glory here. But, to summarize, the band's demo CD was provided to a member In the Red band, Reigning Sound. In the Red has been putting out tons of noise for years and are kind of a big deal out in L.A.. They have a huge catalog and have released numerous Ty Segall records and that dude is all the rage every 3 months when he puts out 12 new songs. The CD they provided was just a blank CD with a picture of a dick on it (yeah, a penis). Eventually, the CD was lost, but, Kelly of the Love Garden was called by the former owner asking for another copy. CD was supplied and it eventually made it's way to In the Red label founder, Larry Hardy, who agreed to put out this single.

It's a solid 7", I brought up Ty Segall previously because like him, the Mouthbreathers are channeling a late-60's garage rock vibe. Mouthbreathers modernize the sound and make it their own, it's refreshing whereas most bands labeled garage punk (Ty Segall included) sound more revival to me.


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