Monday, October 17, 2016

Kevin Morby Harlem River Woodsist Records 2013

Kevin Morby Harlem River Woodsist Records 2013 CAT #WOODSIST071

This is Morby's debut LP as a solo artist. Years spent with his other bands primaraly in New York brought about 8 tracks which Morby has said were influenced by the Big Apple, thus the title Harlem River.

Like New York City, Morby's debut is a big undertaking. It's easy to get around, but to get to everything is nearly impossible. Morby employs a Dylan-esque thin-mercury sound and there is are great moments, tons of highlights, and things you just don't expect. But, also like New York, there's a lot of messy bits and plenty of construction all around. He's finding his direction and building things up. The highlights of the LP make it a fantastic and outweigh Morby's sometimes lofty ambitions that weren't completely fleshed out.

Harlem River

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