Sunday, July 10, 2016

Kevin Morby Still Life Woodsist Records 2014

Kevin Morby Still Life Woodsist Records 2014 CAT# WOODSIST075

This was Kevin Morby's 2nd solo LP and is a collection of songs he wrote as part of his band the Woods as well as some after leaving the band as the inner indicates the songs were written between 2012 and 2014.

The title of the LP isn't clear as the inner states, "Still Life A Collection of songs Written between 2012 and 2014", the cover however states, "Still Live With Rejects From the Land of Misiftoys", yet, the spine and LP state the simple title, "Still Life". The titles seem to indicate what the album is; a collection of tracks Morby couldn't fit onto his prior LP, "Harlem River" and tracks he didn't see fitting onto his next album which became "Singing Saw". This was his second LP released in 2014 and the front cover states "Misifitoys" (yeah, it's misspelled) which would indicate this is just a collection of tunes Morby didn't know what to do with other than record them.

For the most part, "Still Life" feels like a collection or a compilation. There's incredible tracks, some of Morby's best, but there's no feel to the album. He jumps from aggressive Dylan-esque rockers, to sprawling alt. country experiments. Overall, it's an amazing mix-tape presented by Kevin Morby, the highlights being when he channels Dylan's thin-mercury sound as it's a step away from his other two albums.

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