Sunday, July 10, 2016

Dave Perryman Sincerely Yours Pearce Records Year Unknown

Dave Perryman Sincerely Yours Pearce Records Year Unknown CAT #7632

Dave Perryman looks like quite the honky tonker on his album cover and his LP starts out that way, although its the heartbroken kind of honky-tonk. Pretty typical of regional country that's removed from Nashville, the LP is all covers and depends on the school of Hank Williams.

However, Perryman blows the door off a traditional song, "Hookin' on Crawdad," that employs some sounds not found in country music. There's a fuzzed out blues guitar riff and a moog line that runs throughout. It's a highlight and in a sea of sappy covers, makes the album for a collector.

This album was put out on the Kansas City custom label, Pearce Records. It's was also produced by the "caveman" at Cavern studios in Independence, MO. It appears that Perryman is actually closer to Springfield, MO than he is Kansas City, though. The address to reach Perryman lists Niangua, MO which is south and in between Kansas City and St. Louis.

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