Saturday, July 16, 2016

Berwanger Demonios High/Dive Records 2015

Berwanger Demonios High/Dive Records 2015 CAT# HDR016

Josh Berwanger is apparently just going with his last name least according to this 6 song EP put out by High/Dive Records.

Demonios is Berwanger growing fonder of the power pop treasure trove he discovered when making his self-titled debut. These six tracks find him trying to master his own brand of the genre. In addition to late-70's skinny tie sounds, he is attempting to mix the swagger of 80's hard rock and the groove of 70's jam bands. It's a decent mix, but he can't drop the influences of his work in the Anniversary, there's still a lot of Weezer and 90's alterno-rock hiding in the corners of his songs.

As catchy as his solo debut was, you could tell it owed a lot to others. Demonios finds the songwriter finding more of himself in his new power pop hooks. He's still the goofy character with a backward baseball cap and outlandish fashion, but his version of the american teenager culture starts to grow on you, motorcycles, heartache, and suburban punks start to make a lot of sense on these tracks.

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