Thursday, November 5, 2015

Cowboy Indian Bear Live Old, Die Young The Record Machine 2013

Cowboy Indian Bear Live Old, Die Young The Record Machine 2013 CAT# TRM 045

The Lawrence based Cowboy Indian Bear recently disbanded in 2014, which is a shame. The band could do a lot with a small budget and a lot of talent, listening to them is like listening to a lo-fi Coldplay, but cooler, with much better songs.

The band certainly doesn't "rock", which is fine, because they find enough soul to keep you interested. Putting on this LP, you're greeted with the atmospheric "Waiting," which is loaded with sounds, and makes you feel like you just got home. It's an inventing opener and a perfect introduction to the albums well thought out soundscapes and experiments in post-modernism.

You look at the cover of 'Live Old, Die Young' and see four Lawrence, KS hipsters and you're going to make obvious assumptions, some of which may be right, but there's so much more going on here. The obvious assumption is the current Eno/Radiohead/post-rock fascinations hip with all the kids. But, what's unexpected is this slick, well-produced 80's modern-soul vibe you can get from the record. Partially due to the soulful vocals, but there's a dance element hidden among all the noodling on guitars, electronic experimentation, and layered harmonies. It keeps it more interesting than other bands of the same ilk.

And again, the album feels like home. It's effortless and comfortable.

Let it Down 

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