Monday, October 26, 2015

Chris Connor Witchcraft Atlantic 1959

Chris Connor Witchcraft Atlantic 1959 CAT# SD-8032

Kansas City born jazz singer Chris Connor had a pretty impressive career that's largely forgotten. There's still a click of female jazz vocalist enthusiasts (all of whom would be familiar with Connor), but names like June Christy and Julie London tend to be the only ones you still see in print.

This album placed Connor with arranger Richard Wess who surrounded her with a big band and some string arrangements. It's a decent pairing that allowed her to retain her smokey torch style while embracing pop elements that aren't as obvious in her prior work.

Also, let's be honest, the cover is incredible. The font, the early Atlnatic logo and the colors throughout the picture of the eye. It's top-notch and yet another reason things like old LPs are infinitely cooler than CDs.

When Sunny Gets Blue

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