Monday, November 9, 2015

The Sensational Wonders Moving Up Shur Fine Gospel 1986

The Sensational Wonders Moving Up Shur Fine Gospel 1986 CAT# SFG-55031

The back cover of this LP indicates the Sensational Wonders are from the "twin cities of Kansas City (Missouri and Kansas)." Which means that we have singers from both sides of the border and the groups record label never bothered to visit Kansas City. If they had, especially in 1986, they would have realized that Kansas City, Kansas has nothing but the KU Med Center and is at best, Kansas City, Missouri's evil twin.

That aside, these guys provided their own instrumentation and soaring vocals. The production is weighted in 80's slickness, but it's not a terrible album. The Sensational Wonders go from soulful, to a country gospel on this LP. Some solid call and response moments, great vocals, and the group gets pretty fevered on a number of occasions.

Also of note, this LP was released from a Shur Fine Records in Georgia. Indicating the band's gospel reach went a good distance outside the metro area, they were part of a national gospel scene. Not dealing with a privately released church album here.

A much later and younger version of the Sensational Wonders

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