Saturday, October 10, 2015

Marilyn Maye The Lamp Is Low RCA Victor 1966

Marilyn Maye The Lamp Is Low RCA Victor 1966 CAT# LSP-3626

This was the second LP released by Kansas City vocalist Marilyn Maye in 1966. It attempted to drench her in ballads and to that extent, it doesn't work too well. Her voice is a too big for torch songs and ballads. Maye was better suited for uptempo tunes and theater.

What I love about the copy I found is the fact that it shows how proud people were of the Kansas Citian. I picked it up at a thrift store and whoever had it before kept it like a trophy; it's minty. And not because the prior owner couldn't get down with the tunes, but because Marilyn Maye signed the LP. Maye's autograph is personalized on the backside and reads the following:

"Love to you, Marion. Enjoyed spending the afternoon with you. Thank you for all your help and bless you for enjoying my kinda music. Happiness and all that's marvelous - Marilyn Maye."

I don't know who Marion was, but he or she certainly cherished this LP and whatever relationship they had with Maye. Marion even cut out a magazine review for the LP and taped it to the inner sleeve. What's sad is as much as Marion cherised the LP, years later, it was sadly discarded at a thrift store...I'm just happy I found it.

The Lamp is Low

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