Monday, June 8, 2015

Randle Chowning Band Hearts On Fire A&M Records 1978

Randle Chowning Band Hearts On Fire A&M Records 1978 CAT #SP-4715

Upon the first break up of the mighty Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Randle Chowning, the band's singer and likely leader branched out on his own to record this LP. Chowning stayed with his management team (or maybe his management team stayed with him), Good Karma Productions and actually appears to have relocated to Kansas City for this part of his career. The band lists their contact address as 4218 Main Street, KCMO.

He's joined by some other dudes, who I can't find much on. Assume they were friends from the Springfield area, maybe KC guys, but for all we know, could have just been L.A. session guys. He put them all together to make under-the-radar yacht rock LP. Under the radar because no one cared about it, yacht rock because to this day, no one cares about it.

It's not awful, it has moves and has pleasant moments. Unfortunately, it's not very good, either. Middle of the road pomp from 1978, it's what'd you expect from an obscure major label release no one knows exists.

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