Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Tim Peterson We Pass It Down Rite Records Unknown Year

Tim Peterson We Pass It Down Rite Records Unknown Year Cat #37437

Don't know when this came out, but it's pretty clear it's from the late 70's. Some people may say, it's early 70's, but I'd remind them Tim's from Hiawatha, Kansas which is in the Northeastern part of the state by the Nebraska border. Trends were slow to get there, so going to say late 70's based on the red suit, kick-ass sideburns and bowl cut.

As cool as Kansas is, it gets really white and Christian. This album represents that aspect. This is red-blooded, American, right-wing, Christian pride type stuff. You can probably guess it follows a country music path. Cool thing about Tim, though, he does all his vocals, check out the photo. Dude doesn't just have an awesome bowl cut, he has some fucking range.

The music is what I like to term, "Creepy, White, Gospel." It's uber-Religious and if there is stylistic theme, it'd be country. The best thing I can say about that is at least it doesn't go all Nashville Pop and stays slow and somewhat traditional. The lyrics are pretty over the top...stuff about meeting a "cripple" (that's what he says, not me) and when Tim explains he says he's sorry for the "cripple" the "cripple" replies, "I'll be walking just like you in Heaven." That's from the tune, "Hallelujah Square." On the uptempo tune, "If It Keeps Gettin' Better," Tim explains he doesn't know what he's going to do it the Lord keeps making things better. Stuff like this all seems a stretch to me, but whatever, good on you for putting it out there...I guess.

I could also mock the back cover note from Tim, but that'd be a dickmove. It's Christian and he's just explaining all that, all in all, it's a pretty nice message if you set your own beliefs apart from all the Gospel. So props to you Tim, way to put it out there despite assholes like me.

This isn't something I'd ever purchase, even if it is local. Not trying to judge a book by it's cover, but a quick look at the song titles and you know what this is going to be about. The record came in a bulk buy, so because it was local, I kept it.

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