Saturday, January 3, 2015

Kansas Monolith Kirshner 1979

Kansas Monolith Kirshner 1979 CAT #EZ 36008

The reviews on this are pretty dismissal. For the most part, they are also accurate. The album represents Kansas' transition from goofy American prog rock band to the American pomp rock band they played out in the 80's.

The band had become great players by this point, they just ran out of ideas. This evident on "How My Soul Cries Out For You," but it's so goofy, I don't think anyone is revisiting the track after a single listen. Moments border on catching onto songs like "Point of Know Return", but they fall short because they aim for radio play rather than the band's original material.

It's also got some sort of theme to it. Super-powered, futuristic Native Americans that are trying to keep the world afloat. I don't know, makes for cool album artwork, which is the best thing you can say about this album.

Also, if you can make it the second side, "Away From You", is pleasant for pomp-rock, but, yeah, not sure if it's worth it.

How My Soul Cries Out For You

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