Sunday, January 11, 2015

Donnie Quinn Reno Junction Big K 1979

Donnie Quinn Reno Junction Big K 1979 CAT# 39863

Generally, Big K Records was putting out regional country albums, but this doesn't quite fit the bill. It's basically an Elvis Presley impersonation album, there's even a tribute tune. That probably sounds worse than it actually is, but that's the best description for it.

Donnie Quinn was apparently a teenager obsessed with the King. Of course, with that comes a healthy dose of country influences, from rockabilly to the straight early Nashville sound, but it's all filtered through Elvis Presley. The album also features the work of Terry Swope on guitar, who apparently like Quinn, was also obsessed with Elvis as he pens some of the tunes.

Again, though, it's not a terrible thing, a bit strange, but not terrible. The ballads don't need to be here, they showcase Quinn with his snarled lip vocals, just trying to channel some Elvis magic. But, it's no better than what Andy Kaufman was doing as a joke. When the band gets going on their "comeback" style Elvis-tunes, it's pretty enjoyable. There's some horns here and there, Donnie channels the best of sweaty, soul-driven, black, leather-suit, Elvis. It's no From Elvis in Memphis, but it's highlights aren't bad, just no where near as fulfilling as the real thing.

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