Saturday, October 18, 2014

Appleseed Cast Illumination Ritual Graveface Records 2013

Appleseed Cast Illumination Ritual Graveface Records 2013 CAT# GRAVE090

The 7th LP by the Appleseed Cast and I believe the first to be without founding member, Aaron Pillar.  I'm not sure why Pillar parted ways, but it ultimately leaves singer and guitarist, Chris Crisci, to be the only founding member left in the band.

The music doesn't suffer at all.  It's one of the band's most inspired LPs.  Based in long, transitional, instrumentals that focus energy into a boiling point.  When Crisci starts singing, the tune is almost over, but every time, it's worth the wait to get there.  It's certainly something you have to enjoy in full, there's no single stand out track, nothing you can skip to for a quick fix...well, except maybe the plastic-funk found at the beginning of side 2 on "Branches on the Arrow Peak Revelation," but other than that, it's an album experience.

There's a bunch of stuff about science, numbers, and nature on the back cover.  Illumination Ritual is either some metaphysical explanation of the world or just some New Age philosophy...I don't know, get's pretentious, but I'm sure somebody "gets it" and it makes the album even more epic for them.  I'm more into the sounds, don't need some guy's take on scientific mysticism to enjoy the music.

Branches on the Arrow Peak Revelation

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