Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Life And Times The Magician Hawthorne Street Records 2008

The Life And Times The Magician Hawthorne Street Records 2006 CAT# HSR026

This 5 song EP was initially released in 2006 on CD and later released by Hawthorne Street Records in 2008 in this vinyl version.  The band is centered around Allen Epley of Shiner fame, but also features Christ Metcalf on drums who was a part of the same KC post-hardcore scene as Epley.  To round out the three piece, Eric Abert plays bass in the three piece.

To compare the EP to Shiner is obvious, it has certain elements and the obvious player.  The math-i-ness is prevalent, still very challenging and complicated music.  The strained out vocals are there.  The bursts of distorted guitar are there as well.  However, it's much more subdued than Epley's work in Shiner.  It's not as loud and angry, it draws out post-rock soundscapes similar to what Appleseed Cast transformed themselves into after being emo for several years.  There's also a prevalent need to call it shoegazer, but I wouldn't say Epley was diving deep into the British 90's scene, probably just channeling his love for the same bands that influenced the likes of My Bloody Valentine.  However, shoegazer can serve as a valid reference point.

Most importantly, it's really good.  Begging the question, why is this band hanging out in relative obscurity?  The Life and Times recently released a new album and yet, little to no fanfare surrounding it.  Isn't even being done up for a vinyl release.  Granted, I don't keep to up to date with new music that much, however, I have an affinity for the post-rock scene and everybody is all hoped up about the new Whirr LP (it is pretty good), yet, very few of those people even know this band exists.


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