Monday, March 10, 2014

The Wilders Sittin' On A Jury Free Dirt 2007

The Wilders Sittin' On A Jury Free Dirt 2007 CAT #DIRT 005

The Wilders are a country group from Kansas City that focuses on amping up old time music.  Filled with banjo, dobro and fiddle, the group plays country at break neck speeds.  So much so, they call themselves "Hillbilly Riot Music," which is okay, except no one likes hillbilly music, that's for the morons playing second fiddle at the Ozarks.

The EP itself is interesting, the first side consists of an original, a Hank Williams cover, and a traditional song.  The B-Side is the title track of the EP.  One song in 5 parts entitled "Sittin' On a Jury."  It's an ambitious attempt and while I wouldn't call it clever, it's entertaining no doubt.  Like an expansion on the song "Long Black Veil," with movements.

Either way, the band is great.  Especially when you take their reliance on country legends like Johnny Cash and Hank Williams and mirror it to the Ozarks.  Kansas City looks about a million times cooler.  It's also just a breath of fresh air when you hear any country band that refuses to dumb down their sound for an audience, no rock n' roll for dumb people here, just solid country tunes.

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