Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Get Up Kids Red Letter Day Doghouse 1999

Get Up Kids Red Letter Day Doghouse 1999 DOG 063

Pretty sure this was a contractual thing the Get Up Kids had to do to move onto Vagrant Records from Doghouse.  It features the track "Red Letter Day" which was featured on the full length LP, Something to Write Home About.  If you look closely enough at the back cover, the song "Forgive and Forget" was to be featured on the Write Home album, but was scraped by the band at a later date.

Initially it was 10" only release, but, later a CD came out that combined this and the Woodson EP.  Overall, it's a satisfying 5 song set.  At the time, it was a great way to hear all these tunes.  Now, every tune has been repackaged in some way, shape or form.  All tracks are easy to locate.  This EP doesn't hold the "special" appeal it once had.

The thing I love about it most; the cover.  It's simple and poignant, a wheat stalk.  Because, the band is from the Wheat State, Kansas.  For years, everyone always assumed the Get Up Kids were somehow embarrassed of their Kansas/Missouri background.  And for years, the Get Up Kids paid homage to home by doing clever things like this.  They never hated on Kansas in anyway, they were always proud of it (or accepting), just slightly confused by the occasional local backlash they sometimes received.

Mass Pike


  1. this wasnt vinyl only release. I had the CD-EP with just the EP on it. CD digipak

    1. Anthony, you might be right. The CD and 10" may have came out simultaneously.