Monday, March 10, 2014

Abuela True Colors 7" Canvas Club 2014

Abuela True Colors Canvas Club 2014 CAT #ATT7-541076

So, I tried to touch on this while discussing the White Flight LP.  Abuela is Justin Roelfs, formly of the Anniversary and the creative force behind White Flight along with Evan Mast of Ratatat (a.k.a E. Vax).  Roelfs is now going by the "White Wizard."  Their song, "Sapa," has already been featured in a Lexus commercial, and along with the two songs here are available for download.

The two songs featured here are "True Colors" and "Honeybeez."  Right now, it's just kind of a teaser.  Both songs are interesting melting pots of post-modern sounds.  Neither is the stream of consciousness brilliant that the White Flight album was, but they're promising.  It's a bit more focused and a bit more sound friendly.  They have their tangents, but everything is kept in line.

If you search out the group on YouTube, you're going to see that a major focus will be placed on visuals and video.  Similar to what the Flaming Lips do now, but to a larger extent.  The two went to Peru I believe and shot an extensive amount of film.  It's all very ambitious, I just hope the music follows suit.


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