Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Embarrassment EP Cynykyl Records 1981

The Embarrassment EP Cynykyl Records 1981 NO CAT#

Of all the Embarrassment stuff I've tracked down, this is my favorite.  Have you heard "Celebrity Art Party"?  It's not just one of my favorite songs by a local group, it's one of my favorite songs by any band, ever.  It's a mastepiece.  Humerus lyrics that hold up today, a neurotic, nervy beat, the Feelies couldn't match this tune's greatness back in the day.

The other 4 tunes on this EP are winners as well, plus they're divided into a 'Happy Side' and a 'Snappy Side'.  Personally, if had to get rid of one track, it'd be "Elizabeth Montgomery's Face," but that's just as much a fan favorite as any other of the band's tunes.  It also features the song, "Wellsville," which is Small Town, Kansas and highway travel; the notion that if you blink you'll miss it and how that idea relates to life.  It's done with humor though and not as deep as I'm making it sound here.  I used to play the track once a week when I hosted Plow the Fields on KJHK, I was kind of obsessed.

Anyway, I could go on gushing about this EP more, but it gets kind of redundant.  If you've never heard this band and have the means, this is highly recommended.

Homemade Rock Video for Celebrity Art Party

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