Sunday, October 6, 2013

Capybara Dave Drusky The Record Machine 2012

Capybara Dave Drusky The Record Machine 2012 CAT# TRM - 040

I first heard this band on a local radio station's local music show.  Generally, the station plays alternative rock and the local show is not much different.  They played something from the band's first album (digital only release) and I was blown away.  So many stringed instruments in one song, mandolins, guitars, maybe ukulele too.  I ran home, got on-line and discovered the band was called Capybara.  Had no idea who they were, but found out later the Record Machine was working with the band to release stuff.

I've really wanted to discuss more Record Machine releases, but, records are expensive and I'm broke.  I did try and hint to Nathan Ruesch of the Record Machine that I'd blog about his stuff.  However, hint wasn't taken and Nathan probably has no desire to give out free records to a blog no one reads.  Regardless, I'd been listening to this album a lot at work in digital format and told Nathan how much I liked it because it reminded me of R.E.M.  So much so that I started sending Nathan R.E.M. tunes from the Murmur and Reckoning albums.  He kind of agreed by stating he could hear the similarities.

Seriously though, this band is a throwback to early 80's indie.  Atmospheric, clever harmonies, lots of crisp guitars, mumbled vocals with literate lyrics.  And, I'm not saying they lift from R.E.M., it's just a similar sound and I'm sure these guys have good things to say about the previously mentioned albums.

Honestly, this is my favorite thing going locally right now.  As stated, I enjoy it at work with headphones.  I enjoy it at home on the turntable.  The whole album has a great ebb and flow, it brings you up with snappy percussion and then slows down with something epic like the song, 'Wild'.  I stress the term atmospheric, the LP never achieves anything that "rocks" which make the R.E.M. comparisons even more relevant.  But, there are great pop songs hidden in the crescendo effects and vocal "oooohhhs" and "aaaahhs".  Seriously, you'll think you've heard some of these tunes in Volkswagen commercials due to the dreaminess of it all.  Buy this LP.

Late Night Bike (pretty rad label)

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