Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mates Of State Bring It Back Polyvinyl 2005

Mates Of State Bring It Back Polyvinyl 2005 CAT #PRC-105-1

So, the beginnings of this band starts in Lawrence, KS.  The now married, Kori Garnder and Jason Hammel, were playing in bands in Lawrence, KS, separately.  They started dating, played together in the Lawrence band called Vosotros.  When that band ended, the two became Mates of State and played a few shows locally.  Then they moved to California and hit the big time.  Some people loved them just for the connection to the scene.  But, a lot of people called them sell outs.  A lot of rumors went around about the band; how they left due to feeling unappreciated and always hated the Lawrence scene, how they talked shit in California on Cow-Town, Kansas.  I remember when the My Solo Project album came to KJHK people would call just to complain that we played it.

Truth was, Jason Hammel and Kori Gardner weren't planning to be a full time band.  They were planning a life together.  When Hammel got accepted to a Med school in San Francisco, they moved.  Gardner started a teaching career, Hammel began further schooling.  They recorded some tunes and an album, it got attention and Mates of State became a full time gig.  The two would also wed one another, making their cute indie-pop even cuter.

Further, to the dismay of the haters, I'm not even sure the either member is a Kansas native.  Maybe Gardner is?  I don't know.  But, Hammel came to Kansas for college from Minnesota. So, other than forming in Lawrence, KS, this band isn't all that local.  Looking back, I'm not sure people had any right to be pissed about anything.  Screw it though, I'll claim them as a Lawrence band, they're awesome.

They are a great indie-pop duo.  And, I can't stress how much cuter they are knowing they are married with children.  I mean, that's freaking rad.  Kids, marriage, cool indie rock tunes, it's like Yo La Tengo without all the Velvet Underground (that is no way a knock on Yo La Tengo).  This is the duo's 4th album and in my opinion, the best they have put out.  It's full of hits.  Songs just sound ripe for movie soundtracks, commercials, and television.  You cannot deny the album's pop sensibilities and charm.  You can find a new favorite song every time you put this one on.

Yep, a rock video. Like U Crazy
For the Actor

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